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Trump Says He Saved 2 Million Lives From COVID. Really?

Victoria Knight [khn_slabs slabs=”1198131″ view=”inline” /] [partner-box]President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed to have saved 2 million lives from COVID-19 through his actions to combat the disease. Recently, he made the assertion during the NBC News town hall on Oct. 15 that replaced the second presidential debate. “But we were expected to lose, if you…

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Hard Lives Made Harder by COVID: Homeless Endure a ‘Slow-Moving Train Wreck’

Anna Maria Barry-Jester and Angela Hart CALEXICO, Calif. — The message wasn’t lost on Daniel Gonzalez. Early in the pandemic, one of the first things Imperial County did to ward off the virus was close the public bathrooms and, later, public cooling centers. In this sprawling Southern California desert, where summer brings blistering triple-digit heat,…

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