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Seniors seem skilled with continuous youth. However they may also be folks of love. From the moment this generation appeared with this world, they appeared to be providing an unique eyesight regarding society as well as a mission than had endured before. This feeling of information and of eyesight accounts for the outstanding drive baby boomers have shown throughout their person existence which may have led to alterations to society thus unique that existence in the US nowadays merely resembles we resided in the 50s and sixties.

As baby boomers re-locate of the parenting role, at the least when it comes to acquiring youngsters at home, they are in possession of an opportunity to specify in their own phrases what it means to become a grandparent. Getting grandpa and grandma might be a little difficult for a technology that’s often struggled the…

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‘No Mercy’ Chapter 5: With Rural Hospital Gone, Cancer Care Means a Daylong Trek

Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen. Where It Hurts This podcast was produced in partnership with St. Louis Public Radio. Sixty-five-year-old Karen Endicott-Coyan is living with a blood cancer.  Her chemotherapy takes less than 30 minutes. Before the hospital closed, it was just a short drive into the small town of Fort Scott,…

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